Teddy is the main protagonist in Belly Up. LHe is hated by Large Marge, a guard, but he really proves himself when he finds out who Henry's murderers are. Teddy lives at fun jungle because both his mom and his dad both have a job that has them live at FunJungle. teddy has shown a love for animals when he saw a family throwing peanuts at chimps so he gave them water ballons to defend themselves. teddy is very bored with his life because nothing fun ever happens which leads him into doing things he shouldn't like sneaking into henry's autopsy. teddy finds out that henry has died most likely because of murder. knowing this and also knowing doc and everyone else who was there intends to lie and say he died from natural causes, teddy decides to do his own investigation which leads him into danger like when he received a fake text from summer saying to meet him in the world of reptiles  and buck had released the black mamba (a highly poisonous snake) out of the cage which scared teddy to death and could have made him die. though he had to go through ups and downs, teddy's intellegence stays with him and soon is able to solve the case no body else could.