J.J. McCracken is the father of Summer McCracken and the head of Fun Jungle. J.J McCracken is somewhat a non-social person, as proven when Summer says that he doesn't like parties. He also has shown great care and is somewhat overprotective for Summer, as he got body guards to keep track and protect her twenty-four seven. He only hired male body guards because he feared Summer could get kidnapped and male body guards would protect her better. Although Summer does not appreciate her body guards near her and refers to them as "her shadows", Summer does manage to ditch them numerous times to meet with teddy to discuss Henry's death. Teddy says in the book that J.J. McCracken isn't what he had expected. J.J. even says himself that he knows he isn't beautiful and that Summer must get her beauty from her mother. Summer's mother married him because she was able to see his inner beauty.